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The Sloth: Hardly a Deadly Sin.
Orphaned [Low Speed] [High Speed]
In 1991 three neighbor girls brought Judy Arroyo a wee surprise--an orphaned three-toed sloth. Judy rescued and raised the infant, and named her Buttercup.

Buttercup [Low Speed] [High Speed]
Today Buttercup still thrives at Aviarios, reclining in her basket and beaming regally at her caregivers and guests. She basks in the adoration of all--in between naps, that is.

Species [Low Speed] [High Speed]
There are two types of sloth: the "two-fingered" choloepus, and the "three-fingered" bradypus. Both species have three toes on their hind legs.

Choloepus [Low Speed] [High Speed]
Two species of choloepus, the two-toed sloth, struggle to survive in the dwindling rainforest canopies of Central and South America.

Bradypus [Low Speed] [High Speed]
There are four species of bradypus, the three-toed sloths. One, the maned sloth, is severely endangered.

Pygmy Sloth [Low Speed] [High Speed]
A recently-discovered species of bradypus, the pygmaus, was discovered on a tiny island off the coast of Panama.

Mating Call [Low Speed] [High Speed]
Sloths make very little noise. But the female bradypus variegates signals her readiness to mate with a high-pitched whistle that will bring the males "running."

Swimming [Low Speed] [High Speed]
Sloths move so slowly and have so little body fat that it's hard to believe they can swim. But watch this...

Baby with Mom [Low Speed] [High Speed]
Clinging to their mother's bellies, baby sloths are completely dependent upon their mothers for the first several months of their lives.

Adoption [Low Speed] [High Speed]
Sid Wiggy, a week-old three-toed sloth, was brought to the rescue center in November 2003 when her mother was killed by a felled tree.

Sid Wiggy [Low Speed] [High Speed]
Since being brought to Aviarios Sloth Rescue Center, Sid Wiggy has thrived, aside from a skin problem that risked her life as well as her dignity.

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